Opening the Living Space

Older homes used to be built with walls everywhere so each room had its own definition. The dining room was a place to put a table and have meals as a family, and the living room was often where guests were entertained. The kitchen was the heart of the home, and many families would squeeze in a table so they could eat while feeling warm and cozy. Modern home renovations often take these three spaces and combine them. Opening the living space is a good way to make a house feel larger without adding to it.

Entertaining within the home has become more important over the last few decades, and no one wants to feel left out. Guests in the living room might feel far away from the person cooking in the kitchen, so opening up those two rooms is an easy solution. It can add value while expanding the available space for guests. A bonus is that people can wander between the two rooms without feeling like they are intruding on a busy host or hostess.

Opening the dining room to the rest of the space is a large bonus for those who prefer not to host formal meals on a regular basis. They can set up their dining room table as a buffet, and their guests can relax as they wander into different conversations in the area. Combining the kitchen space with the former dining area is also a good way to expand food service.

Three separate rooms could feel cramped, and they might even appear darker than they are when they are separated by walls. Opening up all of the living space into one large room provides a feeling of space to guests and hosts, but it also adds light and brightness to each area. Being able to entertain today requires plenty of space for food and conversation, so opening up the living area can add a great deal of value to any home.